Cheryl Koo


  • Nicki Minaj wearing my skirt in the new "girl on fire" music video
    Nicki Minaj rocked a Cheryl Koo piece in the opening scene of Alicia Key's "Girl on Fire" Music Video. The garment is a very structured high-waisted skirt from the Grey line. She paired it with a black leather, halter-corset, which she switched cut-by-cut from tucked-in to on-top. Accessorized by a flower necklace, a thick silver link bracelet, a white band and two chunky rings, she carried it in true Other Duck form. So much that Cheryl Koo decided to name the piece after her.
  • CHERYL KOO at RAW:Hollywood Provocations 10/25/2012
    RAW:natural born artists is an international arts organization, that operates in over 70 arts communities.
    RAW hosts monthly multi-faceted arts showcases that spotlight indie film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hair, makeup, photography and more.
    RAW is the largest creative community in the world!
  • Raw Winner Video
    Cheryl Koo was announced as the winner of the RAWards Hollywood Fashion Designer of the year award on November 15th, 2012 at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. Five nominees were selected in each city to showcase their work in front of a panel of judges, industry professionals, local media and the general public. Announced on the night, the community casted a live vote alongside three judges who chose the Other Duck designer as the winner and to represent their city in the national finals. The night consisted of 18-and-up cocktail-attired creatives celebrating visual art, fashion, accessories, hair and makeup, music, performing arts and photography.
  • Interview with RAWards Hollywood Designer of the Year Cheryl Koo
    We recently caught up with L.A based RAWards Designer of the Year Cheryl Koo. Get to know her designs and learn about her inspirations, goals and current projects... read more...
  • Urban Icon Interview with Cheryl Koo
    LA-based designer Cheryl Koo has two passions: dance and design. Cheryl always strives to find ways to bring these two worlds together, fusing forms of expression into garments for the Other Duck...