Cheryl Koo

Warehouse Solo Fashion Show @ Kesspro Studios (03/21/2012)

3,2,1. A countdown to an unforgettable night and the name of the fashion show which displayed designer Cheryl Koo's newest collection; The Other. Kesspro Studios, a bare open Downtown warehouse transformed into an edgy set up with a bar, tables, chairs, catering booths and a changeable runway, which mid way through the show was swiftly set up in a completely new formation, housed the extravaganza for the night. The walls hung butcher paper rolls with tales of artists' bios scrawled across them that each matched a different muslin dress covered in unique artwork and modeled by mannequin-like dancers. The catwalk hosted black and grey high-fashion pieces, and the creative, collaborative Canvas Collection. The glamorous vibe surrounding the event was a true reflection of the hard-work going on backstage. Wella Professionals and Studio DNA didn't leave a tress untouched and made sure the models' hairstyles were right on par with the caliber of the garments. Matched with The Other Duck's signature edgy makeup-style done by Polaris Cosmetics, the models were works of art themselves and made the runway come alive. The show was introduced with a spoken word poem written by Ms Koo herself describing the inspiration behind her designs. Intertwined with mood-setting music, mind-blowing dance performances, good food provided by Chipotle, and even better people, the 3,2,1 fashion show took off before even reaching zero.