Cheryl Koo

2010 TOUR

September 4, 2010 marked the date for The Other Duck's first tour. Hitting Los Angeles, DC, Hong Kong and Japan, the team whipped up a mind-blowing fashion show in just under a week. Cheryl's wingmen (and winglady) consisted of Beau Fournier, Erik Carlson and Aye Hasegawa. With their talents combined, they managed to seek out venues, throw workshops, audition and teach dancers, beautify the models with hair and make-up and create an entire production, start to finish. Fusing fashion, art, music and dance along with a melting pot of different cultures, The Other Duck was able to experience a taste of the sweet international life. LA's show was held at the Blue Velvet Lounge and included an appearance from local artist Jason Lee. On September 11, SNRG's Fireday at the Jammin Java hosted the show in DC. The Other Duck collaborated with Beatzkid and Infinity Dance Studio in Hong Kong to put on a performance at the Hyde on the 23rd. And on October 3rd, The Other Duck closed the forever-memorable tour with their final show at Vuenos Shibuya, Japan.