Cheryl Koo

Canvas Collaboration

The Canvas Collaboration is an ongoing practice where each time around, five artists are each given one canvas and ten days to create a masterpiece. But these aren't just any canvases. Designer Cheryl Koo custom cuts, sews and drapes sample muslin garments with hopes to give like-minded creators a platform to display their work. The artists use whatever medium they choose to cover their given garments and present their passion. This collaboration encourages every member involved to push each other and opens an opportunity for networking. Each piece of art is exhibited at an Other Duck fashion show. Everything is better when it's shared together. Become part of the art.

Collaboration Artists:

Justin Teodoro Kristine Bueta & Jed Florano Jason lee

Mary Neville JP San Pedro Lawrence Limtao

Henry De Leon Stacey Wells

Hokuto Konishi Chona Bernardo